T-Mobile now also has a shop in the Citycentrum and our team is always glad to provide you with the top-notch service and advice that T-Mobile is known for. With almost 5 million users, T-Mobile Netherlands (member of Deutsche Telekom) is one of the largest mobile telecommunications brands for both consumers and corporate clients. T-mobile offers their clients simple yet attractive access to mobile telecommunication services.


McFlek is a fairly new organization based in the Netherlands. At our shops we offer an increasing number of services under one roof: shoe repair-key duplication-engraving-sharpening, watch, locks and security. The staff at McFlek provide you with professional advice the above and warrant for customer satisfaction.


Tui is the largest all-round multichannel holiday brand of the Netherlands. We offer every possible holiday deal at attractive rates: from a car vacation, tour trips, cruises, city trips and skiing vacations to holidays by air with our own airways Tui fly. Always happy to help you find the right holiday for you!