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Action Veldhoven

This is ActionAction is Europe's fastest growing non-food discounter. With us you will find everything you need every day and other fun and surprising products to make it a party. Always for the lowest price. And you will find more and more sustainably purchased and produced products in our range for a promotion price.From gifts to towels, pan sets, craft supplies and much more: you can shop our surprising, fun and cheap items in one of the stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy or Spain.We have over 6,000 products in 14 different product categories. From DIY to personal care, pet supplies and household goods. Always at the lowest price. Your favorite A-brands too. And there are always 1,500 top sellers under 1 euro waiting for you in our stores. Did you know? Most of our range changes quickly. Every week we have no less than 150 new articles. And we have 73 own brands, which we are proud of. Plenty of news to discover every time you come to the store again. Will we see you soon in your favorite Action store?